Evaluation of extended correlation on shallow Vibroseis data (pdf)
Bailey, B. L., Steeples, D. W., Miller, R. D., Peterie, S. L., Ivanov, J., and Markiewicz, R. D.
Scientific Opportunities for Monitoring at Environmental Remediation Sites (SOMERS): Integrated systems-based approaches to monitoring
Bunn, A. L., Wellman, D. M., Deeb, R. A., Hawley, E. L., Truex, M. J., Peterson, M. J., Freshley, M. D., Pierce, E. M., McCord, J., Young, M. H., Gilmore, T. J., Miller, R. D., Miracle, A. L., Kaback, D., Eddy-Dilek, C., Rossabi, J., Lee, M. H., Bush, R., Beam, P., Chamberlain, G. M., Marble, J., Whitehurst, L., Gerdes, K., and Collazo, Y. T.
Scientific opportunities for monitoring of environmental remediation sites
Bunn, A., Wellman, D., Freshley, M., Gilmore, T., Miracle, A., Truex, M., Deeb, R., Hawley, E., Eddy-Dilek, C., Kabak, D., McCord, J., Miller, R. D., Peterson, M., Pierce, E., Rossabi, J., Young, M., Bush, R., Beam, P., Chamberlain, S., Gerdes, K., and Collazo, Y.
Introduction to this special section—Archeology
Miller, R.D.
President’s Page: Advancing by division
Miller, R.D.
President’s Page: Surfacing our potential
Miller, R.D.
Shallow P- and S-wave reflections to characterize the near-surface (pdf)
Miller, R. D., Bailey, B. L., Peterie, S. L., Ivanov, J., and Markiewicz, R.
Dispersion interpretation from synthetic seismograms and multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW) (pdf)
Schwenk, J. T., Miller, R. D., Ivanov, J., Sloan, S. D., and McKenna, J. R.
Tunnel detection using near-surface seismic methods (pdf)
Sloan, S. D., Peterie, S. L., Miller, R. D., Ivanov, J., McKenna, J. R., Broadfoot, S. W., and Metheny, O. M.
Advantages of using multichannel analysis of Love waves (MALW) to estimate near-surface shear-wave velocity
Xia, J., Xu, Y., Luo, Y., Miller, R. D., Cakir, R., and Zeng, C.
Estimation of near-surface quality factors by constrained inversion of Rayleigh-wave attenuation coefficients
Xia, J., Xu, Y., Miller, R. D., and Ivanov, J.
An improved vacuum formulation for 2D finite-difference modeling of Rayleigh waves including surface topography and internal discontinuities
Zeng, C., Xia, J., Miller, R. D., and Tsoflias, G. P.
Numerical investigation of MASW applications in presence of surface topography
Zeng, C., J. Xia, R.D. Miller, G.P. Tsoflias, and Z. Wang
Implications of Vp/Vs ratio on shallow P and S reflection correlation and lithology discrimination (pdf)
Bailey, B.L., Steeples, D.W., Miller, R.D., Peterie, S.L., Ivanov, J., and Markiewicz, R.
Near-surface seismic: More than a problem of scale (pdf)
Miller, R.D.
Multi-method determination of continuous 2D velocity profiles from the surface to 1 km (pdf)
Peterie, S. L., Miller, R. D., Ivanov, J., Schwenk, J. T., Bailey, B. L., Schwarzer, J., and Markiewicz, R. D.
Analysis of synthetic seismograms for the detection of voids using the surface-wave backscatter-analysis technique (pdf)
Schwenk, J. T., Miller, R. D., Ivanov, J., Peterie, S. L., and Sloan, S. D.
The emergence and future of near-surface geophysics
Doll, W.E., R.D. Miller, and J. Bradford
Obtaining velocity models from synthetic firstarrival travel times using refraction tomography methods (pdf)
Ivanov, J., Miller, R. D., Schwenk, J. T., and Peterie, S. L.
Full wavefield seismic analysis beneath A. V. Watkins Dam, Utah (pdf)
Miller, R. D., Markiewicz, R. D., Bailey, B., Schwarzer, J. C., Peterie, S. L., Ivanov, J., Pierce, K. S., and Hendrix, C.
Analysis of the IVI MinivibI performance for high frequency reflection data (pdf)
Hendrix, C., and Miller, R.D.

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