Near-surface evaluation of Ball Mountain Dam, Vermont, using multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW) and refraction tomography seismic methods on landstreamer data (pdf)
Ivanov, J., Miller, R. D., Johnson, C. D., Lane, J. W., and Clemens, D.
Practical aspects of MASW inversion using varying density (pdf)
Ivanov, J., Tsoflias, G., Miller, R. D., and Xia, J.
Rayleigh-wave mode separation by high-resolution linear Radon transform
Luo, Y., Xia, J., Miller, R. D., Xu, Y., Liu, J., and Liu, Q.
Dipping interface mapping using mode-separated Rayleigh waves
Luo, Y., Xia, J., Xu, Y., Zeng, C., Miller, R. D., and Liu, Q.
Angle-dependent tomostatics (pdf)
Mayer, L. M., Miller, R. D., Ivanov, J., Weis, T., and Anderson, B.
An introduction to this special section—Hydrogeophysics
Miller, R. D.
Shot gathers we have known (pdf)
Miller, R. D., Xia, J., Ivanov, J., and Walters, S.
Near-surface utility of vibroseis (pdf)
Miller, R. D., Xia, J., Rice, E., Walters, S. L., and Rademacker, T. R.
Seismic reflection characteristics of naturally induced subsidence affecting transportation
Miller, R. D., Xia, J., and Steeples, D. W.
Shear-wave velocity as an indicator of increased stress and failure potential associated with dissolution-mining voids (pdf)
Sloan, S. D., Miller, R. D., Ivanov, J., and Walters, S. L.
Detecting tunnels and underground facilities using diffracted P-waves (pdf)
Walters, S., Miller, R. D., Steeples, D. W, Xia, J., and Zeng, C.
Estimation of near-surface shear-wave velocity by inversion of Love waves
Xia, J., Cakir, R., Miller, R. D., Zeng, C., and Luo, Y.
Feasibility of delineating a volcanic ash body using electrical resistivity profiling
Xia, J., Ludvigson, G., Miller, R. D., Mayer, L., and Haj, A.
High-frequency Rayleighwave method
Xia, J., Miller, R. D., Xu, Y., Luo, Y., Chen, C., Liu, J., Ivanov, J., and Zeng, C.
A trade-off of regularized geophysical inversion using model resolution and covariance matrices (pdf)
Xia, J., Xu, Y., Miller, R. D., and Zeng, C.
Approximation to cutoffs of higher modes of Rayleigh waves for a layered earth model
Xu, Y., Xia, J., and Miller, R. D.
Estimation of absorbing boundary parameters for near surface seismic modeling (pdf)
Zeng, C., Xia, J., and Miller, R. D.
Modeling results on detectability of shallow tunnels using Rayleigh wave diffraction (pdf)
Zeng, C., Xia, J., Miller, R. D., and Tsoflias, G. P.
High-resolution seismic-reflection study of the anthropogenic Leesburg sinkhole in Stafford County, Kansas
Miller, R. D.
Shear-wave seismic study above Vigindustries, Inc. legacy salt jugs in Hutchinson
Miller, R. D., Ivanov, J., Sloan, S. D., Walters, S. L., Leitner, B., Rech, A., Wedel, B. A., Wedel, A. R., Anderson, J. M., Methany, O. M., and Schwarzer, J. C.
Underwater full wavefield seismic investigation of a stilling basin at Hardin Dam #3 on the Arkansas River
Miller, R. D., Xia, J., Walters, S., Anderson, J., Wedel, B., and Wedel, T.
Diffraction imaging versus reflection processing for shallow void detection (pdf)
Peterie, S. L., Miller, R. D., and Steeples, D. W.
Quantifying surface subsidence along U.S. Hwy 50, Reno County, Kansas, using terrestrial LIDAR and seismic methods—Implications for sinkhole development and risk assessment along rapidly developing urban corridors
Herrs, A. J., Taylor, M. H., Watney, W. L., and Miller, R. D.
Use of ultra quiet, high output accelerometers to process high frequency vibrator data
Rice, D., Miller, R. D., Xia, J., and Ivanov, J.

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