Integrated geophysical survey in defining subsidence features on a golf course
Xia, J., and R.D. Miller
Numerical investigation of implementation of air-earth boundary by acoustic-elastic boundary approach
Xu, Y., J. Xia, and R.D. Miller
Introduction to this special section—Near surface/seismic to radar
Miller, R.D., and C. Liner
Improving resolution and understanding controls on GPR response in carbonate strata: implications for attribute analysis
Franseen, E.K., A.P. Byrnes, J. Xia, and R.D. Miller
Feasibility of detecting near-surface feature with Rayleigh-wave diffraction
Xia, J., J.E. Nyquist, Y. Xu, M.J.S. Roth, and R.D. Miller
Generating image of dispersive energy by frequency decomposition and slant stacking
Xia, J., Y. Xu, and R.D. Miller
Applications of the JARS method to study levee sites in southern Texas and southern New Mexico (pdf)
Ivanov, J., R.D. Miller, J. Xia, and J.B. Dunbar
Advantages of wet work for near-surface seismic reflection (pdf)
Miller, R.D., R.D. Markiewicz, T.R. Rademacker, R. Hopkins, R.J. Rawcliffe, and J. Paquin
Near-surface tunnel detection using diffracted P-waves: A feasibility study (pdf)
Walters, S.L., R.D. Miller, and J. Xia
Sensitivity of high-frequency Rayleigh-wave data revisited (pdf)
Xia, J., R.D. Miller, and J. Ivanov
Condition assess­ment of Levees, U.S. Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission, Report 5, Flood simulation study of Retamal Levee, lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas, using seismic and electrical geophysical methods
Dunbar, J.B., J.L. Llopis, G.L. Sills, E.W. Smith, R.D. Miller, J. Ivanov, and R.F. Corwin
Introduction to this special section—The lower 48
Miller, R.D., and S. Hill
Multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW) – active and passive methods
Park, C.B., R.D. Miller, J. Xia, and J. Ivanov
Seismic reflec­tion: Upstream, downstream, and on earthen dams and dikes (pdf)
Miller, R.D., R.D. Markiewicz, L.A. Block, S. Hartung, W.E. Hancock, J. Ivanov, and J. Xia
Test for detecting an impermeable water barrier in an earth-fill dam in Austria using MASW method (pdf)
Hock, S., J. Ivanov, and R.D. Miller
Interrogating levees in Texas, New Mexico, and New Orleans using various seismic methods (pdf)
Ivanov, J., R.D. Miller, J.B. Dunbar Jr., J.W. Lane Jr., and R.F. Ballard
Optimizing high frequency Vibroseis data (pdf)
Rademacker, T.R., R.D. Miller, and S.L. Walters
Two decades of near-surface seismology progress (pdf)
Steeples, D.W., and R.D. Miller
Repeatability observations from a 2D time-lapse seismic survey (pdf)
Walters, S.L., R.D. Miller, J.B. Dunbar, and S. Smullen
Data resolution matrix of high-frequency Rayleigh-wave phase velocities (pdf)
Xia, J., R.D. Miller, and Y. Xu
3D seismic imaging of structural and lithofacies properties and time lapse monitoring of EOR-CO2-flood—Hall–Gurney field, Kansas, USA
Raef, A. E., Miller, R. D., Byrnes, A. P., Watney, W.L.
Comparative analysis on sensitivities of Love and Rayleigh waves (pdf)
Zeng, C., Xia, J., Liang, Q., and Chen, C.,
Seismic reflection survey—Health and safety plan, Newmont Mines Sites on Carlin Trend and Twin Creeks in Nevada
Miller, R. D.,
Yuma Proving Ground seismic energy propagation
Miller, R. D., Bennett, B. C., Ivanov, J. Xia, J., Wedel, B. A., Wedel, A. R., and Schwarzer, J. C.
Continuation of research in seismic techniques for characterizing levees—Las Cruces, NM
Miller, R. D., Ivanov, J., and Walters, S. L.
Technical progress report, year 3—4-D highresolution seismic reflection monitoring of miscible CO2 injected into a carbonate reservoir (pdf)
Miller, R. D., Raef, A. E., Byrnes, A. P., and Harrison, W. E.
Characterization and geologic significance of evaporite karst in Kansas (pdf)
Watney, W. L., and Miller, R. D.
Historical overview of the surface wave method
Choon B. Park and Nils Ryden
Non-contact surface wave testing while moving
Nils Ryden, Michael J. S. Lowe, Peter Cawley, Choon B. Park
Offset selective dispersion imaging
Choon B. Park and Nils Ryden

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