Multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW) of models with high shear-wave velocity contrast (pdf)
Ivanov, J., Miller, R. D., Peterie, S. L., Zeng, C., Xia, J., and Schwenk, T.
Optimal spread design for passive MASW
Leitner, B., Miller, R. D., and Ivanov, J.
Introduction to this special section—Near-surface geophysics
Miller, R. D., and Baker, G.
Feasibility of high resolution seismic reflection to improve accuracy of hydrologic models in a culturally noisy part of Ventura County, CA (pdf)
Miller, R. D., Black, W., Miele, M., Morgan, T., Ivanov, J., Xia, J., and Peterie, S. L.
Near-surface shear-wave velocity measurements in unlithified sediment (pdf)
Rickards, B. T., Steeples, D., Miller, R. D., Ivanov, J., Peterie, S. L., Sloan, S. D., and McKenna, J. R.
Active seismic imaging at San Luis, Arizona, in support of tunnel detection: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center Report
Sloan, S. D., McKenna, J. R., Broadfoot, S. W., Metheny, O. M., Miller, R. D., Peterie, S. L., Ivanov, J., Wakeley, L. D.
Application of the multiaxial perfectly matched layer (M-PML) to near-surface seismic modeling with Rayleigh waves
Zeng, C., Xia, J., Miller, R. D., and Tsoflias, G. P.
Feasibility of waveform inversion of Rayleigh waves for shallow shear-wave velocity using a genetic algorithm: Journal of Applied Geophysics
Zeng, C., Xia, J., Miller, R. D., and Tsoflias, G. P.
Scientific opportunities for monitoring of environmental remediation sites (SOMERS)
Bunn, A., Wellman, D., Deeb, R. A., Hawley, E. L., Eddy-Dilek, C., Freshley, M., Gilmore, T., Miracle, A., Truex, M., Kaback, D., McCord, J., Miller, R., Peterson, M., Pierce, E., Rossabi, J., Young, M., Bush, R., Beam, P., Chamberlain, G., Gerdes, and Collazo, Y. T.
Blind test of methods for obtaining velocity models from firstarrival travel times using refraction tomography methods (pdf)
Ivanov, J., Miller, R. D., and Peterie, S. L.
Joint use of MASW and refraction traveltime tomography
Schwenk, J. T., Miller, R. D., Ivanov, J., Sloan, S. D., and McKenna, J. R.
Estimation of near-surface quality factors by constrained inversion of Rayleigh-wave attenuation coefficients (pdf)
Xia, J., Miller, R. D., Ivanov, J., and Peterie, S. L.

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