Joint analysis of refractions with surface waves:  An inverse solution to the refraction-traveltime problem
Ivanov, J., R.D. Miller, J. Xia, D. Steeples, and C.B. Park
Delineating a shallow fault zone and dipping bedrock strata using multichannel analysis of surface waves with a land streamer
Ivanov, J., R.D. Miller, P. Lacombe, C.D. Johnson, and J.W. Lane Jr.
Introduction to this special section—Carbon sequestration/EOR
Wilson, T., and R.D. Miller
Association of the 1886 Charleston, South Carolina, earthquake and seismicity near Summerville with a 12° bend in the East Coast fault system and triple-fault junctions
Marple, R., and R.D. Miller
High-resolution seismic reflection to identify areas with subsidence potential beneath U.S. 50 Highway in eastern Reno County, Kansas (pdf)
Miller, R.D.
Introduction to this special section—Hydrogeophysics
Miller, R.D.
Estimation of minimum offset for multichannel surface-wave survey with actively exciting source
Xu, Y., J. Xia, and R.D. Miller
Estimation of elastic moduli in a compressible Gibson half-space by inverting Rayleigh wave phase velocity
Xia, J., Y. Xu, R.D. Miller, and C. Chen
Seismic reflection characteristics of subsidence affecting transportation
Miller, R.D., D.W. Steeples, J. Xia, T.R. Rademacker, J.L. Lambrecht
New developments in analysis of high-frequency Rayleigh waves
Xia, J., Y. Xu, R.D. Miller, and C. Chen
High-resolution seismic-reflection imaging 25 years of change in I-70 sinkhole, Russell, County, Kansas
Miller, R.D., D.W. Steeples, J.L. Lambrecht, and N. Croxton
Time-lapse study of levees in southern New Mexico (pdf)
Ivanov, J., R.D. Miller, N. Stimac, R.F. Ballard, J.B. Dunbar, and S. Smullen
A non-differencing approach to seismic monitoring: Implications for difficult carbonate reservoirs (pdf)
Raef, A.E., and R.D. Miller
Repeatability observations from a time-lapse seismic survey (pdf)
Walters, S.L., R.D. Miller, and A.E. Raef
Rayleigh-wave diffractions due to a void in the layered half space (pdf)
Xia, J., Y. Xu, R.D. Miller, and J.E
Introduction to this special section—Geophysics and public safety
Miller, R.D
Catastrophic sinkhole formation in Kansas: A case study
Lambrecht, J.L., and R.D. Miller
High-resolution seismic reflection investigations of dissolution sinkholes
Miller, R.D., and K. Millahn
High-resolution seismic reflection to identify areas with subsidence potential beneath U.S. 50 Highway in eastern Reno County, Kansas (pdf)
Miller, R.D
Optimizing horizontal-resolution improvement of the MASW method (pdf)
Ivanov, J., J. Xia, and R.D. Miller
Roadside passive MASW (pdf)
Park, C.B., and R.D. Miller
Applications of integrated geophysical survey in defining subsidence features on a golf course
Xia, J., and R.D. Miller
Introduction to Special Issue—Geophysics in China
Xia, J., and Doll, B. W.
Feasibility of detecting voids with Rayleigh-wave diffraction (pdf)
Xia, J., Nyquist, J. E., Xu, Y., and Roth, M. J. S,
Simple equations guide high-frequency surface-wave investigation techniques
Xia, J., Xu, Y., Chen, C., Kaufmann, R. D., and Luo, Y.
Geophysical solutions for environment and engineering
Xu, Y., Xia, J., and Chen, C.
Decomposition results of multi-impact source sequence records (pdf)
Ivanov, J., and Miller, R. D.
New Orleans levee strength evaluations using the MASW method
Ivanov, J., and Miller, R. D.
Continuation of research in seismic techniques for characterizing levees
Miller, R. D., Ivanov, J., and Walters, S. L.
Focusing refraction-tomography analysis on the near-surface portion of a seismic model
Ivanov, J., Miller, R. D., and Xia
High-resolution seismic reflection to monitor change
Miller, R. D., Raef, A. E., Lambrecht, J. L., and Byrnes, A. P.
Characterization of seismically imaged Pennsylvanian ooid shoal geometries and comparison with modern (pdf)
Watney, W. L., Franseen, E. K., Byrnes, A. P., Miller, R. D., Raef, A., Reeder, S. L., and Rankey, E. C.
Non-contact surface wave measurements using a microphone (pdf)
Nils Ryden, Michael J. S. Lowe, Peter Cawley, and Choon B. Park
Estimation of pseudo‐2D shear‐velocity section by inversion of high frequency surface waves (pdf)
Luo, Liu, Xia, Xu, Liu
Fast simulated annealing inversion of surface waves on pavement using phase-velocity spectra
Nils Ryden and Choon B Park

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