Seismic techniques to delineate dissolution features (Karst) at a proposed power plant site (pdf)
Miller, R.D., J. Xia, and C.B. Park
Seismic investigation of a salt dissolution feature in Kansas (pdf)
Miller, R.D., A. Villella, J. Xia, and D.W. Steeples
Analyzing and filtering surface-wave energy by muting shot gathers (pdf)
Ivanov, J., C.B. Park, R.D. Miller, and J. Xia
Combined use of active and passive surface waves (pdf)
Park, C.B., R.D. Miller, N. Ryden, J. Xia, and J. Ivanov
MASW for quantifying change in shear wave velocity after deep dynamic compaction at a soil site
Park, C.B., and R.D. Miller
A moving hum filter to suppress rotor noise in high-resolution airborne magnetic data
Xia, J., W.E. Doll, R.D. Miller, T.J. Gamey, and A.M. Emond
Orthogonal vibroseis sweeps
Xia, J., N.A. Geier, R.D. Miller, and C.R. Tapie
Underwater MASW to evaluate stiffness of water-bottom sediments
Park, C.B., R.D. Miller, J. Xia, J. Ivanov, G.V. Sonnichsen, J.A. Hunter, R.L. Good, R.A. Burns, and H. Christian
4D seismic to image a thin carbonate reservoir during a miscible CO2 flood: Hall-Gurney Field, Kansas
Raef, A.E., R.D. Miller, E.K. Franseen, A.P. Byrnes, W.L. Watney, and W.E. Harrison
Introduction to this special section—Carbonates
Chopra, S., N. Chemingui, and R.D. Miller
Resolution of high-frequency Rayleigh-wave data
Xia, J., C. Chen, G. Tian, R.D. Miller, and J. Ivanov
Time-lapse seismic study of levees in southern Texas (pdf)
Ivanov, J., R.D. Miller, R.F. Ballard, J.B. Dunbar, and S. Smullen
Unique near-surface seismic-reflection characteristics within an abandoned salt-mine well field, Hutchinson, Kansas (pdf)
Miller, R.D., J. Ivanov, D.W. Steeples, W.L. Watney, and T.R. Rademacker
Enhancing the vibroseis technique through equipment noise reduction and optimizing the weighted sum signal (pdf)
Rademacker, T.R., R.D. Miller, J. Xia, R. Black, and G. Tsoflias
A new approach for weak time-lapse anomaly detection using seismic attributes (pdf)
Raef, A.E., R.D. Miller, A.P. Byrnes, E.K. Franseen, W.L. Watney, and W.E. Harrison
Imaging dispersive energy by slant stacking (pdf)
Xia, J., Y. Xu, and R.D. Miller
Finite-difference modeling of high-frequency Raleigh waves (pdf)
Xu, Y., J. Xia, and R.D. Miller
Measuring sub-seabottom seismic velocities-some unusual experiments:  Proceedings of the Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (pdf)
Hunter, J.A., S.E. Pullan, R.L. Good, R.A. Burns, M. Douma, R.D. Miller, C.B. Park, and J. Xia
Time-lapse high resolution seismic imaging of a catastrophic salt dissolution sinkhole in central Kansas (pdf)
Lambrecht, J.L., R.D. Miller, and S. Durrant
Estimating vibration response of East Canyon Dam, Utah, from P‑, S‑, and surface-wave measurements (pdf)
Miller, R.D., J. Ivanov, R.D. Markiewicz, and D. O’Connell
Applied research in high-resolution seismic reflection at KU
Miller, R.D., J. Xia, D. Steeples, R. Black, and G. Tsoflias
Inverse problem of refraction traveltimes, part I: Types of geophysical nonuniqueness through minimization
Ivanov, J., R.D. Miller, J. Xia, D.W. Steeples, and C.B. Park
Inverse problem of refraction traveltimes, part II: Quantifying refraction nonuniqueness using a three-layer model
Ivanov, J., R.D. Miller, J. Xia, and D.W. Steeples
Multichannel analysis of passive surface waves modeling and processing schemes
Park, C.B., and R.D. Miller
High-resolution seismic imaging of the gas hydrate stability zone at the Mallik L-38 research site
Miller, R.D., J.A. Hunter, W.E. Doll, B.J. Carr, and T.S. Collett
Standard guide for using the seismic reflection method for shallow subsurface investigation
Miller, R. D., Ivanov, J., Markiewicz, R. D., and O’Connell, D
Multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW)—An overview
Park, C. B.
Passive MASW data acquisition (pdf)
Park, C. B., and Miller, R. D.
Discussion on some practical equations with implications to high-frequency surface-wave techniques (pdf)
Xia, J., and Xu, Y
Application of multi-channel electrical method in investigation of hydraulic channels in Qiu Jia Wan main dike of the Yangtze River, China (pdf)
Xu, Y., and Xia, J.
2005 Annual water level data collection report for Kansas (pdf)
Laflen, D. R., and Miller, R. D.
Seismic tests on IBWC levees—Weslaco, Texas (pdf)
Miller, R. D., and Ivanov, J.
Seismic study at East Canyon Dam, Utah (pdf)
Miller, R.D., Ivanov, J., and Lambrecht, J. L.
Technical progress report, year 2, and plan for year 3—4-D high-resolution seismic reflection monitoring of miscible CO2 injected into a carbonate reservoir (pdf)
Miller, R. D., Raef, A. E., Byrnes, A. P., and Harrison, W. E.
MASW—Horizontal resolution in 2D shear-velocity (Vs) mapping (pdf)
Park, C. B.
Seismic characterization of wind turbine sites in Kansas by the MASW method (pdf)
Park, C. B., and Miller, R. D.
Seismic characterization of wind turbine sites near Lawton, Oklahoma, by the MASW method (pdf)
Park, C. B., and Miller, R. D.
Applications of integrated geophysical surveys in mapping the subsurface to a depth of 80 ft at a landfill in Salina, Kansas (pdf)
Xia, J., and Miller, R. D.
High-resolution seismic investigation of a surface collapse feature at Weeks Island Salt Dome, Louisiana (pdf)
Miller, R. D., Xia, J., Harding, R. S., and Steeples, D. W.
Inversion of MASW surface waves at soil site by using phase velocity spectrum (pdf)
Park, C. B., Ryden, N., and Miller, R. D.
Rock physics and seismic-modeling-guided application of 4D-seismic attributes to monitoring enhanced oil recovery CO2 flood in a thin carbonate reservoir, Hall–Gurney field, Kansas (pdf)
Raef, A. E., Miller, R. D., Byrnes, A. P., and Harrison, W. E
Impact of improved seismic resolution and signal-to-noise ratio on monitoring pore-fluid composition changes—CO2-injection (pdf)
Raef, A. E., Miller, R. D., Byrnes, A. P., and Harrison, W. E.
Characterization of seismically imaged Pennsylvanian ooid shoal geometries and comparison with modern (pdf)
Watney, W. L., Franseen, E. K., Byrnes, A. P., Miller, R. D., Raef, A. E., Reeder, S. L., and Rankey, E. C.
Evaluation of MASW Data Acquired with a Hydrophone Streamer in a Shallow Marine Environment
Kaufmann, Xia, Benson, Yuhr, Casto, Park
Shear-wave velocity (Vs) profiling by surface wave (MASW) method (pdf)
Park, C.B. 

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